Friday, November 09, 2012

things which make me happy

I'm having a kind of blah day today. Right after Bunny's teeth got fixed and the grumpy pain monster went away he got sick and so there's been the sucky sick man in my husband's place. Although he's pretty adorable when he's sick. I also maybe had a wee bit of a freak out over the living situation again today, crying in the car after running some errands about how much I hate living out of boxes (finding my winter coats should not be such a big ordeal) and all that other garbage. So it's time to focus on the good stuff, because there is so much good stuff.

  • Myself, my family and those who are near and dear to me are all fine in the wake of Hurricane Sandy
  • We live in a place where the most we're ever affected, personally, by a hurricane is some big winds and heavy rains
  • My adorable puppy who has been especially playful lately
  • The end of my husband's tooth pain. I love seeing him happy and pain free again.
  • Having the best husband in the world
  • Knowing enough about motorcycles to be able to have a somewhat informed discussion. For people who've known me for awhile, this is surprising. Personal growth and more knowledge.
  • Quilting and other sewing projects that keep me happy, calm and sane. Plus the sense of accomplishment that comes along with them.
  • Sour cream and onion chips.
  • The really amazing potato and leek soup my mom made the other week.
  • First snow! It happened, it was beautiful, and it was light.
  • My three month review at work just passed, and it was all glowing positive. Plus, I maybe get a little bit of a raise, which is always nice.
  • Our savings are growing again. October was a good month for us, and while we'll probably have less to show for November and December what with Christmas and all it's nice to see those numbers grow.
  • Babies that people I know are having.

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