Wednesday, August 21, 2013

new project time: for my niece

Now that the Scrappy Trip is finally finished I've had plenty of sewing time to devote to the newest project in my lineup: my niece's quilt. It's my biggest project so far, as its designed for her double bed but the actual block construction is very, very simple. It's inspired by the Labyrinth quilt, though I've done up my own pattern and it's got a much more controlled colour pattern than the original.

All in all I need 35 blocks, plus sashing. The blocks themselves are fairly easy to construct, and I've been doing so in an assembly line fashion. I've got the square-in-a-square sections all in various states of doneness and am working on getting up my required number of those before I move any further. This is the fussiest part of the blocks, with all the little half square triangles and 3" seams - later on there's long seams and strip piecing. These bits are coming together quickly, so it's not completely unreasonable to imagine that the rest of the quilt will.

Blocks in Progress

Nearly Done Blocks
I'm also feeling like I need to rethink the colour scheme just a little bit. Not much, just throw in maybe a grey or a lighter blue to give a little more contrast. Right now my pattern calls for strips of the two turquoise prints to go right beside each other and I just think the whole thing might have more impact if I add in a little more oomph to the colour scheme. I also might do a couple of random blocks where I reverse the colour orientation.

So now I'm plotting yet another online fabric purchase, because I want to use blacks or greys from the same line as the original fabrics. And since I'd only need 3/4s of a yard or so, and I'm paying for shipping anyway it just seems like I should plan a bit of a stash spree. There are some eggplant and green prints I've been eyeing, and there's a quilt I'm planning for that I need to start acquiring non-floral red prints for and I could use a few yards of solid fabrics ... and apparently there's a 20% off discount code that's active for another month. Yeah, this is dangerous.

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  1. I like the random reverse idea. my online orders always involve rounding up to justify shipping or to maximize the discount - you are not alone.

    1. I definitely need something for interest, and reverse blocks seem the way to go.

      It certainly makes it easier to swallow shipping costs when the orders are well planned. :) Plus - so many amazing fabrics are only available online.

  2. Eggplant and green sounds awesome! And a quilt for a double bed must be really massive. I like the turqoise fabrics too - they're so playful.

    Good luck with the Next Big Thing, in any case (and yay for fabric sprees - it's such a nice feeling to get new hobby supplies!).

    1. These fabrics took forever to find. I was given the guidelines of "turquoise, damask, black and white" by the niece and it took over a month to come up with these. Worth the search, though!

  3. Love these colors! And I think grey would look fabulous in the mix!