Wednesday, February 29, 2012

closet overhaul: accessory search

I hate to admit this. In fact, it hurts to say it. But I full on suck at accessorizing. Well, that's not quite true. It's not that I suck at it so much as the fact that I don't really have that many accessories and I don't really utilize them well. I mean, I have my crazy scarf collection that drives Bunny mad. I have a couple of belts. But today let's say accessories mean jewellery.

Let's examine why this is freaking crazy. Have I ever told you how I make my own jewellery? Mostly beadwork with semi-precious stones, but I've also been known to work with seed beads (you can make some super cute layers with them) and crystals. Really, it's all necklaces/earring sets, and it's nothing innovative and a lot of them are the same ideas in different colours. But I mean, I make the jewellery. Why don't I wear more of it?

In the past couple weeks, when getting dressed to leave the house I've made a point of accessorizing. What I've mostly found myself playing with is surprising, as it's a piece my mom handed down years ago that I've most tried to avoid: a long black-and-gold beaded necklace. Seriously, though? This thing is freaking versatile. Wear it super long. Doubled over. Or my favourite: wear it long, but knot it. Knot the necklace. Whoddathunkit?

I really don't have much variety in my jewellery, which I think has been the problem. The necklace has been so much fun, and I want to keep on having fun with clothes. I want to start incorporating more varieties of jewellery. Cuffs, longer necklaces, pins and brooches, fashion earrings (although I have allergies I need to be cognizant of).

So, in that spirit, here are some of the things I want to keeps my eyes open for:
Even beyond the play stuff, there is definitely also some fine jewellery that has those statement elements I like.
  • Ringwise, I have been in love with this for ages. It comes in ruby, emerald and sapphire and it has this great balance of delicate and big. I`m also starting to dig the big stones and the rings that look like cuffs.

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