Wednesday, February 01, 2012

reading quirks

I read a lot. Thank you, Captain Obvious. When I say "I read a lot", though, I don't mean I read constantly, read a book a week or a month, or even that I aim for a certain number of books a year.

What I mean by "I read a lot" has nothing to do with that, though. I mean quite simply that I read a lot of books. Spoken by sheer quantity. So many books. Piles of books. My old room at my mother's house is positively overflowing with books, there are boxes upon boxes in her basement. Our spare bedroom/office is growing a book garden. We've run out of bookshelf space.

I've read almost all of them.

I go on reading binges. Times where I bury my head in books for weeks on end, travelling in my head from one land to another, from one author's fantasyland to the next. I go from genre to genre, though I tend to hover in a certain area for awhile. I also tend to devour the entire collection of any author I come to love, which is happening right now.

Currently, as mentioned, I'm devouring Christopher Moore's literary collection. I've been through Lamb, A Dirty Job and Bloodsucking Fiend and am on my way through You Suck. It's morbidly funny, twisted, dark, sick humour and it's fantastic. Pure escapist fiction at its best.
This got me thinking, as things tend to do. Thinking about some other authors whose works I have devoured. While I shouldn't have been, I was surprised to see so many parallels.

A score of science fiction and fantasy authors: Guy Gavriel Kay, Jacqueline Carey, Piers Antony, Neal Stephenson, JR Tolkien, Orson Scott Card.
A few kids and YA authors: Tamora Pierce, Suzanne Collins, JK Rowling, Roald Dahl.
Not an insignificant number of historical fiction authors: Pauline Gedge, Phillipa Gregory.
Of course, a few random authors jumped to mind: Jennifer Weiner, Paolo Coelho.

I shouldn't be surprised to note that I love the sci fi/fantasy genre, but my growing interest in historical fiction has sometimes surprised me. Although maybe it shouldn't, since I've always been in love with biographies. You'll notice the authors there are more modern; I simply prefer the language and dialogue in modern books.

Soon I'm going to have to find a new author to dig my teeth into. Any suggestions?

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