Friday, April 05, 2013

finish line, crossed

Maybe, just maybe, it's time for me to go out and buy a camera. I've been wanting one for awhile so that I can bore you with pictures of the food I'm cooking and crafts in progress and take pictures when I'm doing fun/exciting things in life. But mostly? I need a camera because I'm pretty sure I promised pictures of finished quilts.

And I definitely finished the baby blanket. It's done!!! Down to the last little stupid stitches on the binding (which I learned a lot about, by the way) it's done. It's been in the wash and crinkled up and everything. Seriously. I made a blanket. It feels pretty awesome.

Washing it for the first time rather terrified me, and I had to take it over next door and show it off to my in laws first, just in case the laundry machine broke it terribly somehow but everything came out just fine. In fact, it was somewhat magical the way the blanket was all a little bit stiff before going into the washer and came out of the dryer all in one piece and soft and in some areas a little puffier and just about the same in others.

I made a blanket. Life goal accomplished.


  1. Excellent news, well done!

    I have been using Canon cameras for a decade and really like them. The point and shoots survive just about everything (except submersion in the ocean, as my sister discovered) and it's nice because the memory cards are transferable if you go nuts and buy a $700 dslr camera to take infinity pictures of your kid. (GUILTY!)

    1. Canon was one of the brands I was going to check out, so I will keep the reviews in mind. :) I've definitely got something more point and shoot in mind as I just don't do all that much picture taking in general.

      I've got some research time as I'll be buying it at the end of the month with my bonus from work - I just have to choose a camera and do some price comparisons from a few different stores.