Thursday, April 11, 2013

what will the next project be?

As I was doing the finicky work of finishing the baby quilt (it's done! I made it!) I'd been rewarding myself with what I call my project in waiting, the Scrappy Trip quilt for our couch. It's reaching a near critical mass, with 12 of 16 planned blocks completed. If I happened to have more of the fabric line I'm using for it I'd be looking at making more, but really 4 feet square should be big enough for this puppy.

Last night I laid out the blocks on the bed just to play with the layout a little and it's looking good. I'm trying to decide how I feel about the colours. Last time it was looking a little overly blue and not very green or orange, but I've definitely balanced out the orange with these few blocks. The question is really how much more green do I do - it's going on a green couch, so I don't want there to be too much green. Tonight will be spent with some fabric cutting the next four blocks and contemplating.

What's dangerous is that instead of just being proud of what I've accomplished (a blanket! an honest to goodness blanket!) and a second, really cool, almost finished quilt top I'm starting to think about what comes next. Because even though I've still got layering and basting and quilting and binding I'm thinking of what's next. I got some fabric for Christmas, but I'm not really that crazy about it. I'm wanting to go buy more more more. I need a plan for the next one, though.

Of course I'm basically drowning in options. I'm planning a log cabin quilt for the love chair to co-ordinate with the scrappy one I'm working on, done in the same fabric line but a more traditional/less scrappy layout. My niece needs a quilt (I've been eyeing either hourglass blocks or a star sampler), my brother in law is begging for one. I've been eyeing the Swoon pattern online lately, and thinking that I eventually want to do a medallion type quilt for our bed. I just want to do them all and all now. Plus I also want to have about a million and one fabrics, although that's not sensible. I'm trying to keep the expenses reasonable, here.

I'm also starting to look more favourably on the original quilt. It's kind of hung up over a bedframe, and I see it every time I'm in the laundry room ironing and I'm starting to warm up to it, a bit. I don't like it per se, and there's a lot that I would do differently if given the chance (most of which I did do differently on the baby quilt). It's simplistic, the scale is off, there are some stupid planning mistakes and I just feel like I could do better. The thing is that I need to find someone to give it to, someone who I know will love the pink/silver/black colour scheme and who isn't as detail OCD as me to get bothered by odd sashing and I can't quite bring myself to buy backing and batting for no reason. Although maybe I'll use it to practice some more complicated quilting patterns? I don't know.

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