Wednesday, October 09, 2013

New Pants!

I gave in and bought new pants over the weekend. (And I did much more fun shopping, but you'll hear about that later.)

These pants are a big deal, kind of. Because I've put on weight in the past year, but am still smaller than I've been most of my adult life. And the weight that I lost in the misery of last year wasn't really sustainable and putting on ten pounds is really just the result of having my appetite back after a long stretch of being very stressed out.

These were pants I resisted buying. I kept telling myself that I could either lose ten pounds or gain ten pounds - it didn't matter which - but I wasn't buying new pants. So I felt crummy because my body didn't fit my clothes. Then I looked crummy because I was wearing clothes that were cheap and awful and didn't quite fit. I know better than that, really. I like feeling pretty and clothes that fit are a part of that. Vain? Maybe, but I'm ok with that touch of vanity.

This whole not buying new pants thing was starting to make me miserable with my body. I don't really like pants, but I feel ok in skinny jeans, and I didn't have skinny jeans that I could zip up. Having awful oversized, falling off clothes made me feel awful.

So this weekend there was a sale at Bluenotes and we were in Square One. I tried on some pants and said screw it. I'm buying new pants. And it's amazing, even though I should have known, what having pants that fit does to me. I feel like me again.


  1. This is exciting, and so so worth it. Not having clothes that properly fit, and hanging out in stuff that is either too tight or huge can definitely make you feel not so good. And when you see yourself in clothes that you like and that suit you well, it really does make a big difference.
    Extra points (or more like a necessity) is that they should be comfortable. Yay for your new pants!

    1. It's so true. And I know all this, so I don't know why I was torturing myself with poorly fitting clothes for so long. Just putting these pants on lifts my mood so much.

      Comfortable is definitely a necessary bonus, and these fit that bill as well.