Wednesday, January 15, 2014

one down, seven to go (or, heading towards radio silence)

Weeks, that is, until my life is a little less hellish. That's how I'd describe my schedule right now, hellish. Not very promising?

Bunny's finishing up the last two months of in class instruction for his apprenticeship this winter. Which on the one hand is YAY! Get that beast over with and then we never have to do this again. (That's an important bit, the never have to do this again.) It's a little bit awful in a lot of ways, even if it's a good thing overall. Mostly it's awful in that alarms go off at 4:30am in my bedroom.

Have I mentioned I'm not a morning person? That I'd go to bed at 4:30am if respectability allowed it? It's not quite the wakeup call of my dreams ... but it's only temporary.

Then there's all the myriad of little complaints I can come up with if I put a little effort into it, but really? I don't need to whine about that here. We have a rough schedule for a couple months - it happens. It's all for a good cause, and it gets us one step closer to so many things - Bunny's mechanic's certification, which means more money on those paycheques, which means we get closer to buying a house, and going on vacation (more money for fabric, too?) and having a long term schedule that truly fits the family life we're striving towards.

The reason I bring it up is that I am crazy exhausted lately with all these extra demands on my time. Seriously I'm ready to go to bed before everyone else is home for dinner most nights. Which has me thinking that it might be a little quieter than usual around here until March rolls around. I could be wrong, but who knows.


  1. It sure sounds like you're being lived by your schedule right now. Hopefully the two months will fly by (that does tend to happen when you're busy) and then when spring looms you'll have time to unwind and recuperate.

    Will there be a major test at the end of Bunny's apprenticeship? And will he then be a fully licensed mechanic? That will be a great achievement, for sure. Hopefully things will fall into place as the days get longer!

    1. We really are! I will be quite glad once March rolls around.

      I don't actually know if there are any tests at the very end. He will still have to put in a lot of hours before he is qualified on his own but this is the last classroom portion.