Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pink Mosaics

Not to long ago Rachel at Stitched In Color announced a mosaic contest, and I can't really think of anything that sounds more fun than window shopping and putting together bundles of fabric. I mean, seriously, I do that because I'm bored and fabric is pretty. The theme for this particular contest is pink, which is a colour that I enjoy but that's pretty easy to overload on and I tend to shy away from using. Even when I find pinks I love, it gets hard to find the right pink. Challenge accepted, and now it was time to find a great combination of pink fabrics. And, since we can enter up to two mosaics, I had to do it twice.

First up I decided to go way outside my comfort zone and go for bright pinks and use yellow as a high contrast accent colour. I realized after the fact that this matches a bubblegum pink and yellow blanket my best friend kept in the living room when we lived together in university. Not necessarily a colour scheme I'd keep in my home, but certainly a fun one.

The second mosaic I stayed a lot closer to my comfort zone; starting with pinks that bleed into purples. Looking at it again I'm wishing I'd either removed the purple-and-green fabric, or added another green in there but I'm mostly happy with this. I was surprised at how many Anna Maria Horner prints I was drawn to for this - while her work is beautiful her fabrics can feel intimidating to work with just in terms of showing off their prints.

If you haven't joined in on the fun yet the link up is open until midnight January 23rd, so there's still a couple of days left.

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