Sunday, March 11, 2012

I'm a little bit in love

So, being unemployed has its benefits. For me, it can be pretty important to remember that, and to appreciate them. One of those benefits (and also one of the demons) is free time. Gobs of free time like I haven't had in years. Time to watch stupid tv, and cook, and cross stitch, and play with the dog, and do a million things.

Time to read.

I've always been a reader. My future sister in law once described my childhood thusly: "you were never a child. you read and played soccer. that's not normal childhood." Please note that when she said I read and played soccer, she meant that I read about six hours (or more) a day and only saw the outdoors when I played soccer.

My book collection is massive, and I can be pretty all over the board. Science fiction and biography are favourites, but I can get lost in just about anything. Classic fiction, history, philosophy, fiction, non-fiction - you name it, I read it. I even sometimes read Bunny's fishing magazines. (I wish I could take that hour back).

So, I have been devouring books lately. Like, gone in mere hours or days because I have the time to spend reading them. My favourite find is actually a book that I picked up and put down a million times until Bunny gave it to me for Christmas, not knowing that I'd been considering.

A Dirty Job. Christopher Moore.

Can we talk about how hilarious this man is? I love his irreverence, and his willingness to let his characters be these wonderful, absurd, flawed creations. The utter silliness. The complete disregard for good humour (see, Lamb: the gospel of Biff, Jesus' childhood friend. Yeah that book exists. He wrote it.)

He makes me laugh out loud, and sometimes, that's the biggest gift a book can give.

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