Monday, June 17, 2013

hello again!

Last week's hiatus was entirely unplanned, though I should have seen it coming. There was an awful wave of insomnia that started to hit about two and a half weeks ago and I was running around on no sleep. On a good night I was getting two hours sleep and on a bad night none at all. Which meant that I would come home from work and mope like a zombie ... but as soon as I put my head down my brain was racing.

Things are mostly back under control and semi normal now, although I'm still not at optimal sleep levels and I'm a bit of a grump bucket still. With all of that, it's amazing how jam packed with activity these past couple of weeks have been.

The last two weekends have been celebrations of friends' marriages. Running around like a crazy woman working at my best friend's buck and doe. Not an event particularly suited to my social skills (I left the partying in large groups behind with university, really - though boy, did I party back then) but I was super happy to be there and get to help and support them. Plus I like the vast majority of their social circle, which means a night with their group is always a good time.

This past weekend was spent at a reception for another friend's wedding. We're not super close anymore, but I was so excited to be invited to celebrate with them and their reception - a backyard pig roast - was very much my speed. They'd done a private wedding with just immediate family awhile back and the reception was their chance to celebrate with their expanded circle, and a city hall eloper myself I have a lot of appreciation for the quiet wedding.

Perhaps the best part of the last week has been a new arrival, though. Our new nephew's presence has bestowed upon Bunny the new nickname of Uncle Marshmallow and I am absolutely besotted. I could talk more about him but really, that's all there is to say: he's here and he's cute and we adore him. I've seen my nephew every day of his life so far (and I rather intend for that to continue for quite some time) and I love him.

Between all that? Life as usual has been happening. I've been busy sewing and planning new projects. I've moved myself back into the kitchen with a few simple little projects that are easy to tackle. I finished my most recent book and am about to embark on a new one. And we've re-watched the entire first season of Community. It may be a little quieter than normal around here for awhile, but I'm a little more back in the swing of things than I was last week.

How about you? What's been happening in your lives lately?


  1. Awww, a new nephew! How adorable!!! Congrats :)

    1. Thank you! I mean I haven't done anything but snuggle him, but I do feel pretty darn lucky.