Thursday, June 06, 2013

loooong week happy stuff

This is shaping up to be the longest week ever. Six days of work in a row, and an extra half hour in the office each day. Plus last night I somehow ended up staying half an hour late on top of that. Which is all to say I'm wiped. I don't have a real post in me today, but I could sure use some happy thoughts to carry me through to the weekend when I head off for my best friend's stag and doe.

Favourite things this week:
  • Waking up to the puppy cuddling me
  • Coffee already made when I get up
  • Talking with my favourite bus driver on the way to work
  • Prescription sunglasses. Vision and light protection for the win.
  • Doctor Who, because the season finale was amazeballs even if they keep on coming out with announcements that make me sad.
  • The Catalunya race is next on the MotoGP calendar. Catalunya is my favourite track. (Although I have to say the lower class races at Mugello last weekend were awesome! But Rossi crashed first lap in GP and that just ruined the main event for me.)
  • My bank account balance. It makes me smile when I look at it lately, and getting close to those goals is important to me.
  • Snuggles with Bunny. Because duh.
  • My brown crocodile print heels. Hot, and comfortable to boot. But not boots.
  • My nephew is almost due. I want to meet him!


  1. Nice list! :D

  2. Awh such a sweet list I should make a list too in these stressful times. Great idea :D


  3. That's a sweet list of things to be happy about.

    I hope the stag-and-doe party was a lot of fun. After such a work week you deserved a good party for sure.

    Ps. The Gods of Internet Tech have allowed me to comment on your blog again, which makes me happy!