Monday, June 03, 2013

annoying part, done

This weekend we set out to do shopping, and shopping we accomplished. Bunny and I ran about a million little errands including stopping at one of the local quilt shops to pick up batting and backing fabric for the quilt. Sixty dollars later I have pretty much everything I need to turn this from quilt top into quilt.

Plus, there's a lot of leftover fabric and batting. So much leftover, actually, because my quilt is slightly awkwardly sized I needed to buy 108" width fabric so I've got a good half yard of leftover. Which is fine, it will all turn into another project later I'm sure.

In fact, I'm down to just the actual quilting and binding of this baby because I have successfully pin basted the thing. Which is, hands down, my least favourite task. Two hours bent over trying not to pin the quilt sandwich to the carpet, trying not to get so dizzy I'd pass out and trying to keep everything orderly. Not my favourite part - but the payoff later is worth it.

After all that? I'm ready for a nap.

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