Friday, May 31, 2013

shopping shopping shopping

I'm unusually excited about some shopping I'm going to be up to soon. Stereotypically, I do enjoy shopping but I have a surprisingly hard time spending money if the purchase isn't completely planned. It looks so pretty in my wallet, and I love seeing the numbers grow in my bank account. So shopping is fun, but also stressful.

Fabric shopping, though? That has become a whole different ballgame and there's a load of shopping coming up that I am overly excited about. Which of course means getting close to finishing projects, and gearing up for some new ones.

This weekend I'll be buying batting, backing and some new quilting thread for the Scrappy Trip. Because it's just teasing me right now, sitting in the other room where I can't do anything because I don't have fabric. (I've been working on the orchids cross stitch in the mean time. It's more of an attention suck, and it's not quite as fun for that.) So I'll be getting the finishing bits for that so I can get started on the endgame. I'll also need to choose my binding soon, but not until I've got it quilted.

I've also finally, I think, decided on prints for the quilt I'm making next. I'll show them to my niece sometime this weekend to get her a-ok, and then I'll get out the charge card ('cause I'm buying them online).

This is my favourite kind of shopping. What's yours?

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