Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Meet Jethro.

How's that for cute? I know, he puts everyone in the world to shame. This is him in need of his eagerly anticipated spring hair cut. At which point he'll get twice as cute, and you will beg me to stop teasing you with the cuteness.

I also promise he's not actually in some sort of torture chamber or shelter, he's busy being perfectly loved in the laundry room. You know, concrete floor, water heater (to the left), spray painted newspaper on the wall courtesy of Bunny.

Actually, it's Bunny that's in the torture chamber. He works in the laundry room.

If you haven't guessed this means that I have finally finished getting my hands on a camera. I only had to go back to the store twice more, get refunded, forget the stupid memory card I bought elsewhere in the non-functional camera and then go spend more money than I'd wanted to at another store. (Although, working camera. This means a lot. Also included the memory card and the camera case.)

Mostly I'm never going to shop at Sears again. Great employees who know how to take care of a customer - but the fact that only ONCE in all the times I visited did the store actually have an electronics associate working in the electronics section was seriously problematic. Having the right employees doesn't mean much when you can't be bothered to effectively manage your scheduling.

But also I have a camera. And you will see pictures! Which means that crafting and baking updates might be about to get a whole lot more fun.


  1. Wiehoe! There is a camera :D Love it, so curious to see posts with pics. And your dog looks amazingly cute (I have such a soft spot for dogs :D)


    1. Thank you!! Jethro is giving us his best sad puppy look. I'm a sucker for it every time.

  2. Jethro looks adorable!, keep the cute puppy photos coming.

  3. Jethro is absolutely beautiful, he's a Springer Spaniel right? I dream of those doges (or an Irish setter) for that day when we own a huge lawn / farm / goats. Mark does not know about this, since he was bitten as a child and mistrusts dogs, but once we have the space, if we ever have such a space, (I dream of a farm), we'll get it.
    So excited for your camera and for posts with photos', I am always curious about your mouth watering recipes and about your quilting skills! Yay!

    1. Thank you! He's actually a Brittany Spaniel, but his hair's a little out of control right now so he looks odd. Maybe having a dog from puppyhood would be easier for Mark, because you two will be able to train him?