Wednesday, May 08, 2013

block 19 and musings

Still no pictures, due to some technical difficulties in camera purchasing (we'll try that again, next weekend) but I'm getting excited about the Scrappy Trip quilt. I'm on my second-to-last block and just blowing through it quickly which means that pretty soon it's on to choosing a layout and piecing this baby together. This time I'm actually done - there will be no going out and buying more fabric to make the quilt just one row bigger.

There's still so much work to do, but it's on to the work that goes the quickest. Piecing the blocks into strips and then a whole quilt top is when things start to fully come together and I get a full feel for the quilt. I'm super excited to be able to curl up with Bunny under this thing when it's done.

At this point in the game I'm also mooning over the next project, which is for my niece. There are about a dozen different things I could do for her, but I think I've finally settled on a pattern that I like. She gave me a specific wish list: turquoise, white, black and perhaps some damask if I can find it and I'm thinking I want to make a fairly straightforward quilt for her. Repeating blocks, using the same fabric over again rather than do anything slightly scrappy. The block I've been drawing up (based on a gorgeous pattern I found online) is nice and geometric, and just a little bit modern. Now I'm just doing the math for a double sized bed and figuring out how much fabric I need and start looking for prints. Then, goodbye money hello project!

For now, though? I've got to get through these last couple of blocks.

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