Wednesday, May 22, 2013

seamingly annoyed

It's amazing how quickly the quilt top is progressing at this point. I'm working on piecing together the last of the rows and then it's just four long (long! seams) and this will be over. I've sewn a lot of seams here, and needed to make a lot of points match. All told there are 319 seams I'll have sewn in the finished quilt. Now if only I could make all my corners match.

Which is what's driving me nuts right now. I got ahead of myself this weekend and joined the top two rows ... and the seams don't match as nicely as I'd like them to. It's nothing major, and I'm probably the only person who will notice but it bothers me. So I'm considering ripping out a four-foot seam and starting that part fresh. I like for my corners to match.

Excusing the fact that the lighting in these pictures sucks (basement overhead lighting is not designed for picture taking) what I need is more of this:

And less of this:

Granted, that is probably the worst matched seam in the entire quilt top so far, but I'm not happy with it. And when I'm not looking at it super close up it's not nearly so noticeable, and Bunny didn't see it until I pointed it out. Even my good seams perhaps aren't perfect, but I'm decidedly ok with them (especially considering that this is 100% hand sewn). But these ones bother me, and thus I have a decision to make. Stick with the crap seam? Or rip and re-sew.

Once this is done comes the next fun part: shopping! I need batting and backing and at this rate I will be ready by the weekend.

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