Monday, May 20, 2013


As much as three day weekends don't mean a whole lot when you work my job (my long weekend was punctuated by a Sunday at my desk) today is a statutory holiday. Which is always lovely.

So, we'll be rounding out a quiet weekend here. Watching yesterday's races from Le Mans. We'll sneak a driving lesson in there.

We're trying to see if they're doing fireworks over the bay later tonight, because we'd happily brave some crazy crowds for that. Fireworks are about my favourite thing ever. It's like love. And fireworks over water? Swoon.

(Seriously. If you want to be my friend just come over, bring sparklers, and we'll play. You'll be my favourite probably forever.)

Enjoy your day!


  1. I hope you enjoyed your free day... it was raining and raining here so I stayed home but now we are having hot chocolate and watching game of thrones.
    I think you would love New Years Eve here, people get their own fireworks and go crazy on the street. And there's this day where they shoot fireworks from the ships in Scheveningen, the seaside pier of The Hague. You can stand by the water and watch it's quite nice.

    1. Those New Years Eve celebrations sound delightful. I've been known to make trips before just for fireworks. ;)