Friday, May 17, 2013

scrappy update

So this quilt I'm working on? I just passed that milestone moment when I can say all of my quilt blocks are complete. (Even the extras.) It's taken months to reach this stage, and while I've still go plenty to go (piece the top, create a backing, sandwich and then actually quilt and bind the thing) the biggest part is done. This is what I would consider the halfway point to be, and I'm there!

What does the halfway point look like, you might ask? Well, it looks an awful lot like this:

That's twenty 12" blocks all good to go. I've also finalized my layout and while I do have pictures of that (for my own records, in case I screw up) I think I'm going to hold off on sharing that. A finished quilt picture would be more exciting, I think.

Unlike the baby quilt, deciding on my layout was not quite so easy this time. While each block has an identical design, they're all just that little bit different with the colour choices and the overall feel. Some blocks are punchier, some more subdued. Those bright blue and orange fabrics are kind of a bitch to work with, to make sure they don't take over the whole quilt.

So I had to decide how I wanted the overall quilt to come together. Did I want the colours kind of evenly spaced throughout? Did I want stark contrasts. Bunny seemed to like the idea of "colour zones", where different sections of the quilt are more heavily one colour than others. I love how using the 14 fabric patterns has come together - the blocks lead into each other, without being obviously matchy.

Now I'm left with this to contend with:

Five rows of four, ready to be ironed and sewn together. This is coming together!


  1. Thats going to be such a vibrant quilt I'm very curious to see the final reault I hope your having a great weekend!


    1. Thank you!!! I've been sewing away, and constantly referring back to my layout picture and am pretty excited to see the end result.