Friday, May 24, 2013

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Bunny and I like looking at old things. Other people's cast offs, second hand and vintage furniture, old houses. Of course give the man a chance to look at anything old that comes with an internal combustion engine and he's just hooked. For me, old houses and old neighbourhoods make me swoon.

We each have very distinct tastes, though there's an overlap. I love dark, heavy woods and have a fairly intense dislike for light woods and whites. They will not make it into our house, one day. He likes intricate carving and scroll work, out of an appreciation for and understanding of the skill involved. I find old chairs, particularly wingback styles, to be just luxurious and we both agree that old couches, while pretty are terribly uncomfortable.

I could spend an hour looking at old teacups. He could spend hours looking at old toys. It would not be unfair to say that our eventual domicile, when we purchase said home, will be quite a collection of things that go but don't match. New, overstuffed couches, old chairs, lots of old wooden furniture. Old art, one of a kind blankets.

This desire for the old, the pretty, the unique leaves both of us underwhelmed at the house opportunities in our city. Near the downtown centre, where the houses are 150-200 years old? They are gorgeous, unique and in various states of repair. Anywhere else in town? We're plagued with cookie-cutter, subdivision style mass market homes. Where every house looks just the same as the house beside it, just with a few different options. There's this one style of uniquely ugly home I've only ever seen in Barrie and it's quite horrible, really.

I'm confident that one day we will quite easily curate a home that caters to our own personal style and blends our old and new tastes. What I'm not so sure of is whether or not we can actually buy a house that has any interest, or whether we're going to end up in a cookie cutter house.

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