Thursday, May 16, 2013

quiet days

As much as I'm not crazy about a work schedule that includes evenings and weekends, I make a point of enjoying the perks of said schedule. One of those perks? Weekdays off. Yesterday was spent quite quietly around the house, recharging my introverted batteries and getting a little bit of this and a little bit of that done.

I played with my new camera. (Later I'll share the results of said playtime.)

Time was spent in the kitchen, chopping and baking and having fun. Old recipes were revisited, and snacks and dinner were both made.

I finished the final block on my Scrappy Trip quilt (seriously!) and got things laid out. Then I did some ironing and started sewing my rows.

I took a quick visit to my in laws. Love those next door neighbours.

Some time was spent reading - and reading non fiction, no less.

I caught up on the blogs I follow.

I watched the final race of the 2007 MotoGP season. Because that's what I do with spare time.

I snuggled with the dog. Petted the cat.

Wore hot pink leopard print fleece pajama bottoms all day because it seemed called for. I also refused to worry about the fact that trying to control my weight is driving me nuts right now.

Small amounts of cleaning were done in bursts of energy here and there.

There's something magic about a day all to myself, no obligations and nothing required of me. How do you spend those days?


  1. Oh yes, I used to work the weekends and days off during the week were the absolute best reward, everything is open. I used to enjoy going to the city and just walking around, maybe bringing a book and sitting at a café for a while (but that's a hobby that can get expensive, so sometimes I just make myself a big cup of tea and do the same in the couch). Cooking is also like therapy, specially those recipes that take a while but then are so much better for that.

    BTW, Sheryl, I have been meaning to email you but I am not sure if you have a public address for the blog. Could you email me at:
    (I want to invite you for a guest-post series... and there's something else).

    1. I loved doing that when I was downtown. It can definitely get expensive, although there are plenty of good work arounds. There's something extra special about a quiet day just to yourself, not having to worry about anyone else's schedules.

      I just sent you an email a few minutes ago. :)

  2. Those days are awesome! I specially love lounging around in my PJs! Glad you had an awesome day :)

    1. There's something so decadent about wearing pajamas, or scruffy old t shirts or yoga pants and just lounging for a day, isn't there? I always feel as if I'm getting away with something naughty when I do that.