Thursday, May 02, 2013

error message

There were supposed to be photos by now. I had every intention of making there be pictures here for you, but of course I really assumed an ease that would not happen.

It's all the fault of how cheap I am, really. In buying a camera, I chose not only a model that was on sale, but one that was pretty much sold out. So I just said, hey, give me an extra discount and I'll take the floor model. No big. Right?

Except when I got home and realized that the battery and/or charger are busted and will not work. So the next day I went back into Sears figuring I'd ask them to swap it out for the battery/charger on the other floor model of this camera (just a different colour) and I'd be golden. Right?

Which of course led to a trip into Sears only to discover that the person working in electronics was just filling in and had no idea where anything is. Would happily change things for us, which is perfect, but doesn't know where to find what we're looking for.

So we're headed back in tonight to see what an actual employee from the electronics section can find for us. Hopefully a swap on the battery pack fixes this. If not? Well the search for a camera will go on awhile longer.

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