Wednesday, May 29, 2013

my scrappy quilt has a top

I'm being mean today. There's no photo with this update, mostly because I'm trying to save it for the big reveal at the end. But hey, I finished the quilt top. I have this big piece of scrapped out quilt top hanging out over a table in the basement waiting for me to collect some binding and backing fabric and get sandwiching. Once I get that done the quilting process will be a lot quicker than the piecing process. (Good thing, because I started this one back in January.) Bunny and I are also devising a plot for the big reveal picture. (And I still need to get a picture of the baby quilt, too, I know.)

I did end up ripping out that seam I was talking about, by the way. Even though it was just a minor scuff up, I knew it would bother me pretty much forever so I just bit the bullet and gave it a do over. Still not perfect (a lot of the seams aren't) but it's no worse than any other matched seam I've given a pass.

The rest of this week is twiddling my thumbs, really. I've pulled out my old orchid cross stitch for busy work for now, as I won't get a chance to work on the quilt again at least until the weekend. The long arm service/quilting store I was planning on buying my batting from (I have a gift certificate) was closed when we went on Sunday so I'm at a bit of a dead end right now until I can get my hands on batting and then buy some fabric for the back. I'm thinking maybe I might just use a sheet? I haven't decided, fully.

Finishing that has also given me the opportunity to work on the design for the next round, a quilt for my niece. The design is done, and I have my fabric requirements now it's just a matter of shopping. The solids will probably come from my local Fabricland (it's hard to mess up simple black and white solids, no?) but I can't find turquoise prints I like in person so I'll be ordering online. There are a couple of possibilities, I just need to hurry up and choose what I like and then order it, so I can get started cutting and sewing.

Also, I lied at the top. You get a picture. Mostly because my cat was being cute this weekend and I had to share, but you can see the back of part of the pieced quilt here as well.

So much for clean clothes.


  1. How exciting :) Congrats. I still wan to see the baby quilt.
    That cat is super cute indeed!

    1. I need to get myself over next door and take some photos of it. It's all set up so perfectly in the nursery I don't really want to disturb it but there will be pictures, I promise.