Monday, December 10, 2012

I can has more boots?

I've got money on my mind, again, today. Don't I always? I finally have my hands on some hard data about our expenses and income over the course of the a month and I'll be spending part of the weekend plugging away at numbers and coming up with a budget to present to Bunny for us.

The other reason I've got money on the mind is all the snow on the ground lately. We had our first official snow squalls the other week and the roads and sidewalks are covered in several inches of white dust lately. The amount of snow we've got in the yard is unreal after half a decade of winters in Toronto and the Niagara region. With all this snow it's become apparent that I need more winter boots. Well, they're more of a want than a need, because I do have boots that will suffice for the winter.

I want nice winter boots though. Knee high leather riding style boots, well lined and waterproof. Something that's somewhat stylish while also being practical. Something like this or this (I have a Naturalizer outlet nearby, so at least I can get similar styles on the cheap). Boots that I can wear on the way to work and still not despise keeping on my feet once I arrive.

So I'm saving my pennies. Trying to keep my "fun money" purchases lower than usual so that I can carry over twenty or thirty dollars each paycheque and afford boots in a month or so. Part of the problem is of course that we haven't entirely figured out where new clothes fit in our budget right now - I've always taken that out of my own spending money, which has never been the case for Bunny, so we'll see how we figure that. As I said though, these boots are more wants than needs, so even if clothes come out of some other budget catagory this is a fun money splurge.

I don't mind spending big chunks of my fun money on splurge clothing items. I've done it before, from the first Coach purse that I bought after lusting over for a year to the latest boots and the orange leather jacket. Getting the payoff of something that I will want to wear for years is pretty awesome after saving for it. I love how it feels to buy something after wanting it for so long and saving for it. I enjoy the purchase, and the item, more for the wait. It also makes me determined to spend the money on something of a quality that I know will last - if I'm turning down fancy coffees and more books and lunch out for these things I want to enjoy them for years.

Maybe I have a little bit of a boots obsession, but I'm ok with that. I can't get away with sundresses in the winter so I need something to get excited about.


  1. Riding style boots are the best. I also dream of red hunters or flowery rain boots, but those are not so warm.
    And I totally agree with you, shoes are per definition super expensive but it really pays off, because good shoes last for years, as opposed to just one season. And sure for flip flops and sparkly ballerinas you can get the cheap stuff since bright colors won't be fashionable a year later, but boots like that? You'll wear forever. And they'll keep you warm. I was actually enjoying how they warm my legs, while I was walking outside this morning. Of course I am also wearing tights under my jeans, because I am just too sensitive to cold. It's bliss.

    1. That's exactly my sentiment with spending money on good shoes or boots. If I'm going to get years of comfortable wear and I can afford them they are worth it.

      The extra warmth of the boot is especially key in winter. :) When it gets really cold I wear a coat that's long enough to just cover the top of my boots so that my entire legs have a barrier method of warmth.