Saturday, December 15, 2012

lagging (the eternal to do list)

This week it feels like I'm behind on everything. I'm tired and busy and my to do list is buzzing in the back of my head. There are so many things I want to do and get done but working nights for the week kind of makes my day seem useless.

I've still got to do something with all the financial data Bunny and I put together the other week, and I'm hunting for a few missing pieces. (Two specific bills did not make it onto this list, and they need to be there). The actual budget needs to be created, because while our current spending is well below our income there's a lot of improvements we could make, I just need to get the system together.

Then there's the mess that is the marriage certificate I have yet to send away for, that I finally can send away for. As in the piece of paper that I need to officially begin the name change process, which we're planning on doing before we open a joint account. (And I have to take a look at our accounts, interest rates and monthly fees to figure out what we need in an account - luckily Bunny's cousin works at our bank, so she'll help me out with that one.) Then there's the whole "change my name" which is a boatload of paperwork.

Those are the big things. Then there's the little things, like the two book reviews I've yet to write up here and some design updates I keep promising myself that I will get to soon and that I've yet to touch. There's the baking projects I want to tackle (like those caramels, that just won't leave my brain).

Christmas shopping is still looming in my future, and I hate to admit December has hit and I haven't even started. Hopefully by the time this post goes live I'll have something done. I just can't decide what to get Bunny, and my mom and brother are hard to buy for.

And there's the next step on project quilting. I'm about an hour's worth of stitching or less away from finishing the quilt top, and I've got some shopping I'll need to do this weekend to get started on the actual quilting (I still need to pick up the batting and some quilter's pins, but that's easy enough). I'm also working on finalizing the design for the baby quilt that I'm starting next; I have it mostly figured out and I think it's largely going to be a pinwheel design, it's just figuring out sizing and details and finalizing fabric choices. I may start in on the baby quilt before I'm actually done the first one, just because I'm nervous about timing. It needs to be done before the baby is here, you know?

All of this of course leaves little to no time for a social life, and I'm trying to work that back into things. It's hard being so far from my friends.

Today about all that's going to happen is work, and maybe laundry. Hopefully this weekend I won't feel so behind.


  1. Good luck with the to-do list... I think the best thing is to tackle it one item at a time, but do not look at it as a whole, otherwise, if you're anything like me , you'll be overwhelmed and get tired just by looking at it.
    This year everyone is getting books for Christmas (I hope I am not projecting my own tastes too much, but I did take into consideration everyone's interests).
    As for the joint accounts.... 2 years in and we still didn't do it. We are basically living on one salary, when I was working (well I am working, just on a temporary project), my full salary went straight into the savings account, but we have not yet managed to put my name on it. It's weird, we do all the financial stuff / excel sheets together, but since everything is done with online banking, and joining accounts requires that we actually go to the bank like in the old days, we haven't done it.
    For the quilting... I thing finishing projects is the hardest part. I hope you will show us your finished project (my mom quilts, so I am very curious).
    I hope you had a fun and productive weekend.

    1. I feel you on the online banking thing! The convenience of doing everything online makes going in to do something like a name change seem like more of a hassle than it actually is.

      I'm eventually planning on sharing some of my projects, I just really need to get my hands on a decent digital camera. And right now we're having a disagreement over whether we want something just functional and fun (my vote) or an expensive toy (Bunny's vote). I could probably (and should probably) just borrow my mother in law's.