Thursday, February 28, 2013

baby quilt: so close to done

A few days after my last update it happened. I put the last few stitches in the quilt top of the baby quilt. I could go back and do a more detailed quilting, but I don't really think it needs it and I don't want to take away from the piecing and the fabric patterns so I'm declaring the quilting done.

There's not much left to do. I trimmed off the excess batting and backing fabric, and now all that's left is to deal with the binding. Then that's it. It will be done. I'm a little bit in awe of this, and even though it's just little it feels like a major accomplishment. Making a blanket has been on my life list since I was tiny, and I've almost done it.

Of course even though I'm nowhere near done this guy, my mind has already started jumping around to other projects. I want to finish up my Scrappy Trip top that I've been slowly plugging away at in the meantime. I'm working on block seven, and I think I'm aiming for 16 blocks for the completed top so it's four feet square. It's just a little throw quilt to go on one of our living room couches, so I think that's a decent size. My mind is also a little preoccupied with a traditional log cabin quilt I'd like to make with two of the same fabrics to go on the other couch when we finally move out. And I'm vaguely planning a quilt for my niece, as that seems only fair.

Then there's the orchid cross stitch that simply needs to be completed. Given how slow work has been lately, I just might take it in to play with on the downtime. Unless things pick up soon that will probably be a good call. I also need to finish up the pillows, but that's not really pressing as they have nowhere to go at the moment.

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