Thursday, February 14, 2013

happy things on a cloudy day

Last week I was feeling all refreshed and re-energized about life, like the sunshine had just come out from behind the clouds. This week has not been so fun. Not because life's not good - it absolutely is. My hip started acting up at work the other day, and the only way I've been able to get even remotely comfortable the last few days is half lying down, leg propped up on a pillow with a heating pad keeping me warm. It's made work, where I'm pretty literally chained to a desk somewhat trying and just generally has me a little extra snarky and grumpier than I like to be.

That's ok though. It's nice to be in a not entirely bright mood and realize that really, the only thing holding me back is physical discomfort. When the rest of my life feels like it's in order I can live with that. Plus what better time to focus on all the awesome things in life than when things are just on a little downward spell?

So it's only fitting that I do a possies post. Here are just some of the things making me happy today:

  • Having awesome, productive money talks where Bunny and I both come out being on the same page. Especially when we were both willing to compromise to get there.
  • Reading metaphysics. Metaphysics lite, but still it's the most serious philosophy reading I've done in years and I miss spend hours thinking about the difference between something and nothing. My brain feels energized.
  • Bonuses at work. Who doesn't love extra money? And even though for some reason Bunny likes to think of it as "my" money entirely (probably because it comes on gift cards rather than as cash), I don't. It makes it feel a little extra special when we buy Bunny something.
  • Hot pink zebra print lounge pants. Self explanatory.
  • Buying quilt batting for the baby quilt. I'm getting there, and I'm actually seeing a project through. It's exciting.
  • Having frozen dinner options for when I don't feel up to cooking.
  • Bunny's aunt is making me a blanket! We all know how I love blankets, and crochet is one thing I can't do plus my knitting skills stop at "scarf". Beyond which it makes me feel like real family.
  • The sewing bag my mom got me for Christmas, because it's awesome and also useful.
  • Decaf tea for after work, and hazelnut lattes on the weekend.
What's making you happy these days?


  1. -Reading. I am not 100% if you are religious, but I know you are interested in philosophy. I am reading Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell. The author explains what being a Christian means for him but it is so much more than that, and it is not preachy at all. It really is more about God, where he sees God and how, and how all of this is relevant, here, today, in our everyday life. I thought of you today while reading it (I'm not sure why, maybe because of a comment you made or some of your posts or your about me page).

    -Tea (always). My current favorite is mango-peach-cinammon.

    -I got my period today, it means we can start treatment again (we had to "skip" last month because I had a luteal cyst, that was supposed to go away by itself, but it also meant I could not get stimulation and we could not attempt an IUI cycle this month). At least I hope, they always have to check me before we start.

    -A birthday party on Saturday, and dinner with friends on Sunday.

    -My new shoes arrived and I love them, they are simply perfect.

    -Learning to cook with a pressure cooker. Mostly it will mean I can cook our oun pulses (instead of buying them in cans/ tins or jars which is kind of not very eco friendly).

    I hope your hip / body will feel better soon.

    1. The book sounds interesting! I'm not religious in any traditional sense and I wasn't really raised with any religious sentiment at all, although I rather wish I had been. It's made it hard to find a jumping off point from which to move and I've found that while lots of religions have great elements there isn't one particular religion that I can whole heartedly embrace and say "yes, this is me". It's actually part of why I'm so interested in philosophy and metaphysics.

      That must have been rough needing to skip a cycle. :( I'm glad your body is getting back on the right page for you to continue on your journey. My fingers are crossed for you!

    2. Yes, I was raised catholic, but my dad is agnostic / atheist (does not really care for any of that and is rather skeptical of the church as an institution). I was always attracted to science, but also really felt that *there is something more*, and could not help but noticing that most religions / philosophies do share some of its fundamental ideas. The book summarized very well my feelings on the whole thing, and it emphasizes how as humans we are supposed to have questions. Anyone who claims to be "done", to own the truth is to be taken with care... and maybe be a bit afraid a bit.

      It was hard to skip a cycle, but in a way, it was OK to just rest, I guess it was my body saying "stop it with hormones" and it gave us time to just be (of course we still tried the old fashioned way just in case). I just went to the doctor today, and we can go on :) Thanks and best wishes for you too in all your endeavours.