Monday, February 18, 2013

bit of this, bit of that

The last week or so while working on my myriad of projects nothing has really gotten finished but a lot has gotten accomplished. Little bits and pieces of randomness have been picked up so that I can move to the next step on the important projects.

I've been doing some semi-serious reading, tackling the first third of Jim Holt's Why the World Exists. Which also reminded me that when people ask what you're reading, replying with "oh, just some light metaphysics" causes them to look at you like you've grown a second head. Metaphysics isn't particularly light in any case, but given that most of the concepts covered in the book aren't new to me and it's so far an exploration of various explanations of existence and nothingness I feel safe calling it "light" for now. It's also got me itching to go dig out my book boxes from the garage and pick up some "heavier" metaphysics, and reminded me of a few philosophers whose work I want to read more closely. It's a little exhilarating to be excited by philosophy again. To have given time the chance to work its magic and work my way through the burn out that partially stopped me from pursuing grad school. (Well, burn out and health issues and new love and fear of more debt all contributed, but still).

In the quilting world, I've picked up the bits and pieces that will allow me to move forward on actually quilting the baby quilt. It's measured and ironed and I have curved safety pins and plans to pick up the batting tomorrow. I've also sewn my way through a couple more blocks of my scrappy Trip Along quilt and done some cutting for the next two. I'm planning on picking up a couple of paler, more solidly coloured fat quarters to round out the next few blocks after these. The pace is driving me a little nuts, but that's the nature of hand sewing everything.

I also finally located two things that have been driving me nuts. My orchid cross stitch had been languising behind Bunny's table, and while it will still probably be only slow going to finish the piece at least I know where it is. Similarly, I found my short, bamboo knitting needles. Like I need another project, right? Except I do. I need a work appropriate project, and the mindless work of a scarf is pretty perfect for those unexpected lulls that tend to come at work, and if I need to stop on a dime I can. (My boss is pretty cool with crafting at our desks when we're don't have a customer to help and there's a lot of this that goes on in my office. Cross stitching and quilting are both a little bit fussy for work, but knitting is totally appropriate.) I'm also slowly moving my small scraps into a little scrap box my mom handed on over. I still need to figure out something for my larger scraps, but at least I have a place to put the smallest salvagable scraps.

Kitchenwise, it's been a crapshoot. With my hip acting up it's been hard to spend enough time in there to really do the cooking I want to and things like risotto and soups have fallen by the wayside. I've mostly been the kitchen director and we've had a lot of meals where everyone contributes a bit of the labour and I've orchestrated the whole thing lately. I'm starting to feel a little more as if I can stand for fifteen minutes at a time, though, and took advantage of the chance to do a lot of prep work for the next few days.

I've also fit in a trip through the city to do some shoe shopping for a close friend's wedding with the rest of the bridal party and it's pretty nice to have fit in some super social time. Plus, thanks to the government giving us an extra stat holiday a year or two back we've got plans to visit some other friends in the city next weekend. Lots of good social stuff.

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