Monday, February 04, 2013

eat right, feel right

Maybe the other week when I posted about frustration with my weight I was being a little overdramatic. I can be that way. Holiday food and all that garbage certainly leads to little bit of fluctuations. Certainly I wasn't happy with what I was eating and it was definitely showing on the scale, although not in a terrible way, just in being at the top end of my weight range. I did certainly thow a hissy fit that resulted in some delicious vegetables coming home during the grocery trip the next week, and we had a week of pretty rocking vegetable based meals while I was in charge of the kitchen. Luckily work gave me a day time schedule that let me do most of the cooking.

I cut back on the crap pretty quickly. Stopped buying junk food for no reason whatsoever and started eating decent things that make me feel healthy and happy. What do you know but almost immediately, the scale started telling me a story I like again. Two steady weeks at the exact number in the middle of my weight range - right where I want things to be. I don't want to lose more weight I just really don't want to be gaining any back.

It's amazing how much eating things I feel good about equates to a number on the scale that I like to see. My body sends some pretty strong signals physically and emotionally when I'm not meeting its nutritional needs and almost as soon as I start listening to those signals things start getting back to normal pretty darned quickly. It's not always easy and its not always fun (sometimes the effort involved in eating healthy seems a little bit ludicrous) but it always pays off in the end.

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  1. Not having junk food / temptations at home is definitely the solution. We LOVE gumdrops, cookies, chocolate, chips. We just don't buy the stuff. We do eat it every now and then mostly because when we visit people and htey have the stuff, after our self imposed deprivation we kind of really really want it. But eating some of it every week or 2 is not as bad as it being part of your daily habits, I guess it's all about balance. We are eating lots of vegetables and it is amazing how many actually delicious things you can make.
    Cutting out eggs and cheese (If i ever seriously try) will be hard, I don't think I could stick to that for a long period of time... I end up craving stuff that's forbidden.