Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Assen (racing break)

This last weekend hosted one of my favourite MotoGP races, at Assen in the Netherlands. June is probably my favourite month in racing as the Catalunya circuit, which is my hands down favourite, is quickly followed up with the Dutch race.

Bunny's facebook spoiled the race for us (I was working, so we streamed the race later that evening) in that he follows a lot of the racers so they told him who won. Then he, in turn, bitched about facebook and told me who won without saying his name.

Even for all that, watching the race was magic. It's not that I've never seen Valentino Rossi win a race, because I watch old seasons when Bunny works for the pleasure of seeing this man ride. He is a master, and one of the great motorcycle racers of all time. Definitely the greatest of his generation. But in the two and a half years since we began following the league, he has been having a rough time. Riding an uncompetitive Ducati. Struggling to regain his rhythm back on the Yamaha this year. We've watched documentaries about the league that in reality are mostly about him. He's won races from 14 places back as if it was easy

I've watched these seasons somewhat woefully, wishing he would perform. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I have a bit of a fan-girl crush on him (and Bunny won't let me put him on my elevator list, which makes me sad).

Instead we have watched Stoner and Lorenzo dominate the league, often riding as if they were the only men on the track. We've watched Marquez's star rise so quickly I would not be surprised if he challenges some of Rossi's records. We have heard the Spanish national anthem more times than we can count. (I can hum it, without even thinking I know it so well now.)

This weekend, though, Rossi won. At the Cathedral in Assen and oh it was magic. He's not the best starter, but he makes up for it. His passes are breathtaking, as if the other riders aren't there at all, and you don't get back in front of him after he takes your spot. And then, he won.

Do you watch any sporting events? Have there ever been instances that have taken your breath away?

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