Friday, July 12, 2013


I've been in a much better mood this past week or so but I've been busy in my regular, non-internet life and so things here have been a little neglected. Other than the obvious (work), most things are going pretty swimmingly here. I've got posts planned - some updates on crafting, and some recipes, and I'm working on a breakfast-y recipe for Amanda as well (at this point I mostly just need to write it up, and make the two components at the same time so I can take a photo or two of it) but I'm more being drawn to my other activities lately.

Life's been good. A small sampling of recent and coming events:

  • Amazing, can't put them down, make me laugh out loud books. I'm just sad that in 500 pages I'm out of reading material (so, Sunday, maybe)
  • Binding the Scrappy Trip quilt. I mean, I don't like binding by any means, at least not the first part, but my blanket is practically a blanket. I feel like that wins at life.
  • Baby nephew cuddles. He's so cute I'd even change a poopy diaper for the chance to hold him. I've changed a few diapers already, but none of them poopy.
  • My niece's quilt is underway. Just barely started, but I began doing some of the piecing this week. This will be a long haul, really, and some of my math may have been a little short so I might need to order more fabric. Which is an excuse to get a few more things "for me", right? Or at least some basics?
  • BBQ that doesn't suck. I'm not a fan of BBQ, really, but Bunny and my mom love it. Bunny's had a few things the last few weeks that aren't hamburgers/hot dogs/chicken wings though which makes summer eating more manageable for me.
  • Odd visits with friends. Yes, I will come meet your great aunt if it means I have a chance to hang out with you.
  • Rossi won Assen! Even after having the results spoiled this is still a huge thing to have been able to see. Rossi! Winning! For the first time in over two years.
  • Cooking for other people. I've taken to making doubles of dinner and bringing them over next door, because I figure new parents need a break on the cooking, and it's always so rewarding to cook for other people. Especially when they rave about my cooking.
What's putting a smile on your face this weekend?

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