Friday, July 26, 2013

kitchen tool love

When I casually mention that there's a kitchen tool I like, or when I do something regularly by hand that can be done by tool, my mom has a tendency to buy the tool. Or somehow my great aunt in law will send a care package and bam, there's a tool I've been wanting. This is how I end up with collections of things like vinaigrette bottles (though a fork is faster) and multiple candy thermometers, or other oddities.

Right along these lines, there's a new tool in my kitchen right now and I'm just a little bit in love. A few weeks ago my mom brought a mandoline home and though three quarters of the time I'd rather just use a chef's knife for some things this is amazing. Blow through chopping onions to caramelize half a dozen at a time with nary a tear? Done. Slice sweet potatoes in minutes to make an amazing casserole? Done.

Which reminds me, once I stop being lazy and distracted I do have delicious recipes to share. Delicious, amazing recipes. Veggie recipes, even.

It's not always a good solution. If I just need a cucumber sliced it's a lot quicker to just chop but when I'm doing a large quantity of something, like prepping for a stir fry or doing a week's worth of chopping, it's an amazing tool. When we move this might be the first thing I buy because clearly I need this in my life.

How did I live without this?

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