Tuesday, July 02, 2013

still around

I've been a bit of a bad updater lately, and I think I finally figured out why. At first I thought maybe I'd run out of things to say. Then I thought I'd gotten lazy and quiet. Then, that my sewing time has been sucking up more of my energy than usual (and it has, but that's not why).

Finally I realized it's all my nephew's fault. Well, not his fault, but certainly because of him. It just so happens that I am totally enamoured with this little guy, and he sucks up gobs of my time. Whether it's holding him, or cooing over him while he's sleeping, or watching Bunny turn into a  giant marshmallow and fall in love with little baby feet it just so happens that tons of my time is taken up loving on him. Or his parents, because I figure one of the best gifts I can give to new parents are a couple of casseroles that just need to be popped in the oven, or someone else to give the baby his bottle while they eat their own dinner.

I probably spend about an hour with baby in my arms every other day. And oh man is that time well spent. Seeing the cute little dimple in his ear. Changing his little bum, which they didn't think I'd actually do. Watching his expressions while he sleeps. Seeing his arms careen out of control. Listening to the angry cry in the bath. Yeah he's pretty awesome.


  1. Taking care of babies (and kids) is the best. The fact that you are able to cook for the parents is great, I am sure they appreciate it ! Doesn't watching Bunny hold your nephew make you melt?

    1. Bunny and the baby is just about the best thing ever. There are no words that even begin to describe that.