Saturday, October 29, 2011

books & boots & tools

Today was Shopping Day. There are no words for the love I have for days spent doing nothing but shopping. Wake up, sleep in, cuddle with Bunny under the covers. Finally pull myself out of bed to a day of adventure.

First stop was Benix for kitchen-y goodness. We picked up mostly odds and ends that we had been missing - a steel carafe for steaming milk, a metal mixing bowl for recipes that need a double boiler (swiss meringue, melting chocolate), and an ice cream scoop that is also perfectly sized for cookie making (I'd been eying one of those for a long time - next I need a cupcake sized scoop). We were also hoping to get a medium wisk, but all of the ones we saw had handles short enough to be uncomfortable. So we were pretty happy with the kitchen purchases we came away with. We also looked at some things that we'd love but aren't necessities at the moment. (Rectangular baking pans, miniature oval casserole dishes that I want a set of, angular serving dishes ... we salvitated over the lot of them.)

If only we had more counter space ... that is the one thing we don't love about our place. Other than that it's fairly perfect. Just the kitchen needs to have more room! Granted, if we got rid of the dining table we never use that would free up space - but that's another story.

After the kitchen store I got distracted in Payless, and because they had a bogo thing on, I ended up leaving with a pair of everyday black boots (the sort with a medium high, sensibly thick heel that are also knee-high) and then a simple pair of silver flats. Who doesn't need some cute metallic flats?

After that we went headed to the Eaton Centre and just wandered around. We ended up at Indigo (strangely at Bunny's request - he might nto have asked if he'd realised I would keep him there for an hour an a half), and left with a few books.

Last stop was Canadian Tire, where Bunny got a massive professional grade ratchet set on sale (he saved about $300, and paid less than what he saved). We were also hoping to pick up another fireplace heater, but the one we wanted that was on sale was sold out. There's another one we liked, but because it wasn't one sale and was a little over the what we'd been expecting to spend, we decided to hold off. It will still be there, we know how much it costs, we can get it any time. Plus - maybe that one will go on sale? I hope I hope!

What was really great about the day, is we did some very low key wedding planning as well. We talked a little more about the restaurant we hope to have it at; which we'll be visiting next week. We talked about what that meant for the wedding in general - the guest list, the budget, how we felt about things ... it was really good and really low key. We're pretty excited about the idea of having our wedding at our friends' business. We are going to throw a big chunk of change at a venue, and we both feel better about it being friends.

It feels good all around. We are supporting their business. They've indicated that we might be looking at getting a bit of a deal. Beyond all that, the food there is fantastic. (5 star chef, baby - and I might not always be a gourmet food whore, but I sure know how to appreciate it. Plus, Chef Lynn is phenomenal. She makes me like blue cheese - and if she makes me like blue cheese, I know I will like whatever she comes up with.) Beyond which, I just feel like it's the sort of atmosphere we want. They create an atmosphere of being homey and like we are simply hosting our friends rather than being a complete restaurant experience. When it's friends that are taking care of you, you know that's love there.

Which is what I want at my wedding. If we are having a tiny wedding, I don't want vendors that feel impersonal and like people we hired. I want people who feel like friends.

Now, I am off. Bunny and I are making our menu/shopping list for next week and I'm excited. Maybe after, I'll make cookies.

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