Sunday, October 30, 2011

kitchen time? yes, yes please!

Today Bunny is busy with about a million and one chores. He's making dog food (and I run from the massive amounts of raw chicken). He's hopefully going to put in some freelance hours, if he gets the files he needs. And he's taken the last two days off from hoping for shopping and Gears of War and reading World War Z (which apparently rocks - thus there has been zombie-weirdness all over the house this weekend).

Which leaves me to fend for myself. And since the silly boy likes to plop himself down right in the middle of the living room to study, that rules out playing Kinect. It also rules out any computer-related fun because he needs the laptop (well, it's his laptop anyway so it's not like I can whine - maybe I should quit being cheap and get my own, except we don't need two laptops and his work computer. It's why I didn't replace the last one when the hard drive died.)

Which has me thinking about cracked sugar cookies with a caramel sauce. I love the idea of sugar cookies - but I always find them a little bland. It's just meh for me, even though I enjoy making them. I am also slightly obsessed with caramel lately. I'm all over making caramel sauce, caramel popcorn, caramel-apple topping for my pancakes. I am on the caramel wagon.

It's actually ridiculous how much I enjoy the stuff. Absolutley absurd. But OMG caramel? With a little bit of salt to round out the flavour? Heaven. Absolute heaven. (Picture me licking the stirring spoon as I'm mixing a caramel sauce with my eyes rolling back in my head practially ... oh, wait, my reaction to a good caramel is NOT internet appropriate). I am in love with this stuff. I could eat it everywhere.

I'm also excited that cookies are an excuse to use the new ice cream scoop!!!  Weee!

Later in the day I will be making about a dozen quiche. (Do I exaggerate? Well, yes, but only a little.) Last time when I did the ham and caramelized onion quiche we froze a second and it was so amazing to be able to pull it out of the freezer and have a real meal that we are doing it again. Quiche is not significantly more work in bulk, and it's a signature recipe of mine.

So, game plan?
Finish the dishes, go to the store for whipping cream and maybe popcorn (because if I have all that caramel anyway I might as well, right?), make sugar cookies, cook sugar cookies, chop veggies and grate cheese, make caramel sauce, assemble quiche, dip cookies in caramel as quiche cooks.

Um, what?

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