Friday, October 28, 2011

where's the (food) love?

I'm kinda disappointed in myself a little this week. (Which is sad, because I've been in a most great mood all week and had awesome hang outs last night.) Why disappointed in myself, might you ask?

I totally dropped the ball in the kitchen department. Usually I spend a third of my night, easily, in the kitchen. I get in from work and make things sparkly and clean. Then I put things in ovens and on stoves and make delicious nutriousness. Once the nutrious stuff is dealt with, then I tend to do even more dishes and often make something that's just delicious.

This week? Not so much. I did make biscuits (the worst ones ever, unfortunately) and yummy cupcakes and brownies-from-a-box with a special ingredient twist. But healthy things? No. Cleaning things? Nope, Bunny did all of that.

I need to hurry up and make a menu/shopping list for next week. I blame this on lack of preparedness - and when that results in KD and frozen pizza you end up with a very grumpy rabbit.

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