Friday, October 28, 2011

places like home

Bunny and I are looking at venues next week.

Or rather, venue. We are looking at the one venue we have seriously considered for the reception ... and if we don't like it I'm going to be concerned. I'm kinda iffy as is, because I don't 100% know if it will even work. It seats 30 people (max), or 20 comfortably. I'm not sure that it would leave us any space for dancing afterwards, and there are some discussions we have to have there - but that we'll work out.

I'm nervous to go. This is the only venue that Bunny and I have seriously considered for a wedding. It's a separate room at a restaurant that friends own with a celebrity chef. The concept behind their every day dinners is magnificent - it's a four-course chef's menu and it's always been spectacular. Even when menu has foods I dislike on it, they tend to be prepared in the most fantastical ways. As well, they do a family-style service, which feels so homey and welcoming to us. It's one of those things that just feels right when we think about it.

So I'm scared. What if we don't like it? We know we like the main dining room - but we want a private space, and we've never seen this room. We've both been planning our wedding in our heads at this restaurant since the words "wedding" and "marriage" first came up. If we don't like it, that's back to square one.

The thought of having the wedding there feels like hosting a party. We like that idea a lot. That's the feeling we want behind our venue - somewhere personal and special.

Maybe I'm just borrowing trouble. I hope so!

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