Thursday, June 21, 2012

the class of 2012

Stating the obvious, June has been a weird month for me. June has also been a pretty cool month, with lots of exciting stuff happening on the not-quite-for-me front. It's graduation ceremony time, and for the first time since my own convocation in 2009, I'm personally invested in this year's graduating class.

In one week, I had the honour of attending not one but two convocations, for each of the two most important men in my life.

My brother this month graduated from my own school (which just makes me glow with happiness, because I love my school) with his Honours BSc, with first class standing. That first class standing bit? Basically means he's smart and he got good grades and he put at least a little bit of effort into his context credits (the equivalent of gen-ed requirements at our school) and had this awesome overall average. He got to wear a special rope with his gown and hood and be all extra awesome.

That kid? Well he's doing grad school next year. Mostly just because he's awesome.

The next week was Bunny's turn. Which might be even more special, because Bunny went to university right out of high school. He took this fancy dancy architecture program, and dropped out his last year before graduation (it got him an awesome job that gave him good experiences, though). Then he quit the fancy, well paying job because it wasn't him, and didn't make him happy and he missed having a life outside of work. He studied something he cared about, and did damn well.

In fact, Bunny was one of less than five graduates from his college's School of Transportation (hundreds of students were at the ceremony) who graduated with what was called high honours .... which basically meant that his GPA was super high and he put a butt-load of work into things, and his lowest mark was an A.

Now that guy there is actually in a shop, doing what he wants to be doing.

I'm extra proud of these two crazies. I take a little personal pride in their success; I feel like I actually contributed in a way. Plenty of days were spent editing essays, and assisting with studying. Or making dinners and doing chores I hated so energy could go towards studying. Restructuring of my life to help Bunny chase his dream.

So congratulation to the class of 2012. They've earned it.

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