Monday, June 11, 2012

life, and cravings

The closest I've come to cooking in weeks (I believe I've mentioned this before) is grilling some asparagus on a Foreman grill, and then hitting it up with some butter and salt. We've been very lucky, in that Momma Bunny has been keeping us fed with Newfie fish, and slow cooker ribs, and sausages and lots of other delicious things. Plus, my mom has her fridge full of flea-market samosas and all of our favourite snacks. She even bought a box of icing sugar donuts when I complained that I'd lost ten pounds in two weeks. (Those donuts are gone. Yum.)

Not cooking, naturally, has me just jumping at the bit to cook. I miss the control over my meals. There are certain things that I'd just adore eating. Some of them will probably come up soon, I'm sure.

Just to get them out of my head, here's a small sampling of the meals I desire:

  • A cheese and meat platter. With brie and blue cheese and honey and crackers and walnuts. Maybe some proscuitto. Definitely some proscuitto. Perhaps some smoked salmon? Sliced apple or pear, for some juicy crunch, and pretzels to go with the proscuitto. This is a favourite of ours.
  • I miss my spinach dip dinners! (Not so healthy, but awesome.)
  • Fried rice. It's a simple, normal meal for me, but I want to make my fried rice and some dumplings.
  • Roasted broccoli, with some olive oil and parmesan. That's a meal in and of itself. Maybe a nice roast beef on the side, though, to make Bunny happy.
  • Maple-whisky salmon. With wild rice. And green beans with slivered almonds. Wouldn't that be lovely?

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