Wednesday, September 12, 2012

food cravings

In Milton, there's this little restaurant that a group of friends and I know only as Eat Eat. That`s not it`s real name, of course but we don't know its real name. All we know is that it's some d*mn good eats.

They have the most amazing sandwiches there. Most everyone else goes crazy for the curried chicken salad, but me? I'm a roasted chicken girl. And boy do they do roasted chicken paninis well, with spinach and cheese and thinly sliced pears. It's OMG good. If I were going to marry a sandwich, this would be the one.

Which is all to say that over the past three months I have not been able to get my mind off of how good this chicken sandwich is and how much I want to eat it again. Which either entails a road trip (for a $15 sandwich) or figuring out how to do it myself. The latter would be easier, the former more decadent.

Every now and then I get like this with a particular food item; Kelsey's spinach cheese dip with the fried pita, the honey mustard roasted pork at Coquine, the tiramisu at Terroni, the crusted diver scallops at Lee. What's funny to me about this one is that as a general rule, I don't even like sandwiches. They are not my thing.

But this sandwich? I can't get it off my mind.

What restaurant dishes do you crave? Are they worth going out of their way for, or do you ever try to recreate them?

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