Friday, September 07, 2012


I'm tired, and I have a half dozen posts in the first draft stage (ie, written in a notebook because I wasn't at the computer) for you but I'm really too lazy to type them up. So that in mind, I did want to give you something and I figured a TGIF happy break was called for.

In no particular order, these things make me happy:

  • The collection of beautiful new brown things I have: dress, shoes, bag
  • Buying an amazing purse original price $398+taxes, actually paying $154 taxes in
  • Going to see my best friend this weekend
  • Text conversations with my funniest/most supportive friend
  • Bunny cuddles
  • Dexter. How did it take so long for me to find that show.
  • New season of Doctor Who. (Not so excited for losing the Ponds though)
  • Weekends off
  • Fresh coffee
  • Living near family

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