Friday, September 14, 2012


This is one of those weekends that can't get here fast enough. We've had a rough couple of weeks in the office, it's the busy season so we're already, well, busy. And it's just pissy customer week.

I've been yelled at every day, bar none, since Labour Day. What drives me nuts about this is that the people who yell are the ones who create situations for themselves. People who actually have a legitimate issue? They're super awesome for the most part and it truly is a pleasure to help them solve things. People who are angry about situations that they've created for themselves, or have unrealistic expectations? Not so nice. I've had customers the past few weeks who have left me so upset with how they are speaking to me that I'm literally shaking. And I'd love to repeat their bs back to them, but really? Not productive.

So TGIF. Because this week, the weekend is still too far away.

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