Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Crafting Skill

This week I should probably be finishing my latest cross stitch. This is kind of a big deal because it's the first piece I'd ever say was really near to perfect. Oh, there were maybe a couple of individual stiches just slightly out of place, but nothing that truly affects the pattern. The back is incredibly neat as well; from a distance it's so clean that it looks like it could be the main picture.

The patter is gorgeous, three wolves howling at the moon. I'm using a dark navy aida cloth, which made the whole thing harder to stitch accurately. When I saw the pattern I knew that I had to make it as a gift for my mother. It reminds me so much of her and her two best friends.

What's kind of cool is that it's making me learn some new stitches - couching for outlining. I've only ever done backstitching before, and couching seems like it should be more complicated (two needles? two strands of thread?) but I quite enjoy it. The effect it has for outlining is a lot nicer than just backstitching which surprised me. It's weird to use for short strokes, though. Next I have a few French knots to put in, which is another new skill. Finally, since this is a gift, I'm actually going to have to sew it onto some cardboard and frame it.

I've also been reading other crafting books, so I can pick up a few more sewing skills. I'm also looking at starting to buy some books of cross stitch bits, like lettering, and buying my patterns, cloth and thread separately. Give myself a little more freedom in pattern construction. Maybe do a few customized pieces as gifts for friends.

I'm looking forward to expanding my repetoire of sewing skills. It's something that I find very soothing and calming. Plus, it makes me not feel like a freak when I'm bored watching a movie that Bunny picked out and need something to do with my hands.

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