Wednesday, September 26, 2012

hey! I can quilt

Is anyone other than me excited for my first quilting update? Because I totally am. Which you can take to mean that I'm clearly enjoying myself. I've completed my first round of simple nine patch quilting blocks and I have to say I'm surprised: it was dead easy. Later on down the line I'm hoping to get myself a new digital camera so I can supply some pictures, but for now, just words.

The biggest lessons learned so far?
  • white backed fabric makes a huge difference, as you can use a tailor's pen to mark your seams
  • if you screw up and end up with two of your fabrics with black backs apparently you can use a chalk marker
  • if you don't have a chalk marker just use masking tape. It's good enough
  • cutting your fabric into smaller strips ahead of cutting the final size you'll be working with is helpful
  • irons. these things exist, and I've used an iron more since I started quilting than ever in my life
  • apparently I am capable of sewing really straight seams, which doesn't seem like a big deal to me (I mean, the fabric is pinned and marked) but had blown my mom's mind
  • Bunny gets excited about blankets that are pink, black and silver when I'm making them. In fact, he may be a little bit upset that this one is likely going to be a couch blanket rather than a bedspread (somehow I think he gets a say in fabrics if I make a bed blanket)

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