Wednesday, September 19, 2012

project quilting has begun

I think it's fairly safe to say that most people I know have a "life list" or bucket list of some sort. Sometimes it's actually a formal list of things to scratch of that list before they die, sometimes it's more relaxed, maybe just a vague idea in their heads with a number of Big Things as well as a jumble of smaller accomplishments. The formality of my list tends to fall somewhere in the middle: I have, in fact, written this out at various points and I try to pay special attention to the items that never change (see the pyramids, raise a family, create awesome things, write the next big fantasy book) and make an effort to cross some of them off my list.

Recently I started what I consider to be a Big Thing, even if it sounds rather uninteresting. I'm making a quilt. Specifically it's on the list as "make a blanket" which gave me the freedom to learn to do it however I wanted. I don't love knitting or crochet though, and I do love sewing, so quilting seemed to be the way to go. It's something I've wanted to do since I was little and saw my Nanna making quilts for the cottage; it just seemed so cool that she was able to make these gorgeous blankets out of nearly nothing. Just some fabric and string and some pins. About a month back I bit the bullet and got started.

I'm going very simple for the first one with just nine patch blocks that are mostly being done the simplest way possible: nine pieces of fabric, sewn together. Some of the blocks are going to be a little fancier, with striped effects in the blocks, but I'm shying away from any curves or angles for the first go.

At this point things are still very simple: I've got my three patterned fabrics that I'm working with, and I've been just doing sample blocks (read: that means I gave myself permission to throw them out if they're shit). I've got basic tools: a self healing mat and rotary cutter, some quilter's rulers and fabric pen. Plus the standard iron and ironing board, but I already had those.

We're very early in, but I'm enjoying the heck out of this. More updates to come.

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