Tuesday, January 29, 2013

baby quilt - piecing complete!

As of this week, both the top and back of the baby quilt are complete. How cool is that? I'm super excited about this one. Every time I look at the quilt top I like it more and I know that it goes with the Noah's Ark inspired theme that they're going with for the baby's room.

Making this quilt for the baby has really helped me feel connected to my sister in law's baby and feel more at peace with everything. I'm excited to see a little bundle of baby cute wrapped up in it or sleeping in it.

Now that the fabric layers are complete, it's time for a trip to the local long arm store to buy some batting and choose quilting thread. Other benefit of that is it will be a great chance to talk to them about the classes they run and their services (seeing as I have the gift certificate and all) and I'm super excited. I have an idea of the pattern I'd like to do the actual quilting stitches with although I'm a little unsure if it might be a overly ambitious for a first attempt. I want this one to be perfect because it's going somewhere so special to me. I'm excited for the next step!!

While puttering away on the backside of the quilt, I managed to finish up my second Scrappy Trip trip block. I don't love the second block as much as the first, which surprises me because the first block was more orange and I expected that I'd like the primarily blues block better. Oh wells, though. It's about how it all comes together in the end and I think it's going to be pretty awesome when Bunny and I move back out and we have this one draped over our couch.

The other question I'm left with is what to do with the fabric scraps left from the baby quilt. Maybe I'll use some of them to do the binding, though that's not the way I'm leaning. I've got somewhat substantial amounts of some of the fabrics left over, including a super cute, cartoony animal print and a leopard-type print. For now, they'll sit in a little box waiting for me to come up with a plan. Maybe down the road they'll go in another scrappy type quilt. Or something. We'll see.


  1. So so happy for you. This is exciting. Can't wait to see this. And you get classes ;)

    1. I'm determined that even if I hold out on pictures and using the camera that I WILL get a picture of the (finished) baby quilt and post it here. I figure since I've made people read about all my crafting, the least I can do is show the finished product.