Friday, January 25, 2013

quilting update

I'm getting to the point with the baby quilt where I'm actually going to have to start teaching myself a new skill: sandwiching the quilt top and back with batting and (gasp) actually quilting it.

The top is complete but for the borders and the back is going to be just lightly pieced. Of the four fabrics I've used in on the top I'll be piecing three or four large, wide strips together for the back, which is more to do with the amount of the fabrics I have left over than any other consideration. And I want to let the monkey fabric shine a little bit more, which it really can't do in the pieced front.

I've got lots of time to handle this, as we're not expecting to meet the little monkey until early June and last week I realized that I just needed some time off from this project. Happy as I am for my sister in law, during last week's anniversary I just didn't want to be working on something for someone else's baby. It just felt like asking a little bit too much from myself.

Despite all my plans to the contrary, I didn't take the time to pick up other half finished projects. In all fairness I did try. I was going to pick up the orchid cross stitch again and put some time into that but for the life of me I can't figure out where I put it. Or where Bunny cleaned it up to. I am determined to finish that one up, I just need to find it and dedicate some time into it.

Instead I broke into a jelly roll I'd recently acquired that co-ordinates with the almost finished pillows (that honestly won't get stuffed until we move out, just on space concerns) and broke into a pattern that's been making its way across almost every single quilting blog I read lately, the Scrappy Trip Along the World. It just seemed too easy and fun to pass up and I've been wanting to follow someone else's pattern. The thought with this one is that once Bunny and I do move out it will go in our living room on the main couch, so it will likely be a smaller sized quilt. Maybe four feet by four feet? That's what I'm leaning towards at least.

Once again I'm proving myself to be a great starter and a lackluster finisher. Don't worry though, I promise I'll get to it. At least I have a deadline.

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