Monday, January 07, 2013

guy gavriel kay's "Fionavar Tapestry"

The Fionavar Tapestry trilogy is an old favourite of mine. It sits on my bookshelf as one of my favourite fantasy masterpieces and I hold it up about as high as The Lord of the Rings. I've reviewed other works of Kay's before but this one is different. His first book, his foray into high fantasy and the work to which all his other books have a small self referential remark.

Before Christmas I was running around trying to find some reading without picking up something new because I was always taught never to buy yourself something just before the holidays. Somehow I ended up with my copy of the trilogy in hand and before I knew it I was done book one.

It's easy to forget how masterful this book is. Every hole in the plotline that bothers me and niggles at the back of my mind eventually gets closed in the end. The story propels the book forward and there are no long boring stretches.

The biggest complaint, if it's even a complaint, is that the five main characters are somewhat flat to me. The characters originating in Fionavar, who play heavily into the plot, all seem well rounded and natural. The quintet from our world though always slightly bothers me. Kevin Laine in particular always grates on me as being without any depth, though his story leads to a conclusion that does make some sense.

This is a book I don't want to review too heavily, and I don't want to get into plot points, specifically because I think if you're at all interested in it you should just read it instead of reading about it.

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