Friday, January 18, 2013

sweater fail

For Christmas, I was gifted with a number of sweaters from a store that I generally like. At regular price they're slightly more expensive store than I usually shop at, but years back they sold me what has become my favourite sweater and I've fallen a little touch in love with them. Plus, sales. This year there have been so many sales.

Right now I am not so happy. See, I had the same sweater in two different colours. I wore one, washed it (following the tag's instructions), wore it again ... and suddenly there appeared a giant hole on the elbow. Took it back and they swapped it out no questions asked.

Easy enough, yes?

Except yesterday I wore the other sweater for the second time, and even without washing it what do you know but elbow hole. So this weekend there will be an excursion to take both of the sweaters back, because clearly something is defective in the material. I've had four other styles from them this year and none of this elbow-hole nonsense, but for the same style to do this to me twice I don't even want to try to make the new one work. I'm just downright disappointed.

Also frustrating: this is one of those stores whose websites includes just a "look book" so I can't even leave a comment there telling other consumers what a fail this particular style is. I don't know what's different with the material but I'm not happy. Now my big question is whether or not I'm ever shopping there again after this. Part of me wants to give them another chance because I like their style, but this experience has really turned me off and Bunny's had an issue or two with their men's clothing.

What's your most frustrating defective clothing experience? Did you ever go back to the same store?

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