Monday, January 14, 2013

projects: keeping on track

When it comes to crafting I am an absolutely brilliant project starter. Finishing, well that would be my weak point. This would be well exemplified by the pile of cross stitches that are unfinished and unframed (but I swear I will get at least two of them framed this year), the half complete orchid cross stitch I've been working on for awhile, the almost complete but unstuffed pillows sitting in my craft box and the finished quilt top that has yet to be sandwiched and quilted.

With all those on the go, starting that baby quilt was jumping the gun a little, and I'm at the point where I'm already working on sashing and borders. So buying new fabric was probably overkill. Especially since I was just given some new fabric for Christmas (although the print sizes make it difficult to decide what to do with it). I did it though, I bought some stash fabric. It's a really cute, fun jelly roll that of about eight co-ordinating prints, two of which match the fabric for the living room pillows. I've got a few different idea for the fabric, and while I know it's going to be something simple I haven't quite decided if they'll be something more like a log cabin or a granny square.

My saving grace is that I've been wanting to establish a bit of a fabric stash. At least I can say the acquisition was planned. (I even put it in my "goals" for the year, so I've got to be covered on this one.) It'd be nice to be able to have some fabrics on hand when I want to work on a little project, like a quilted pillow, or even when I want to do some scrappy stuff. The fact that they match the pillows just made it impossible to say no. The fabrics work with our couch and the pillows for our couch, so it's kind of exciting to think we'll have co-ordinating textiles in the living room one day. Plus, I had a gift card to Wal-mart so I wasn't really spending money. (Wait, does that excuse actually work?)

I've got to keep focused with all these projects and half finished projects on the go, otherwise nothing will get done. Luckily I've got a bit of a deadline going with the baby quilt that's helping keep me on track, though I'm still getting awfully distracted. It's like project ADD: right when I'm in the middle of a quilt, I'll get distracted by the need to make macarons and then I should really work on the cross stitch, and then I haven't done any reading in days and I really want to know what happens in the next chapter of my book, then I realize I never wrote up anything about the macarons so I need to go do that, and by the time that's done and I'm ready to go back to quilting I'm ready to start something new. Focus and follow through are not always my strong points.

Are you a finisher? How do you keep on track with projects and hobbies? Do you often have multiple things on the go?

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